Tenant Information

Your tenancy should be a good working relationship with us. We have a contract with the owner of your property and as a requirement of that agreement; the relationship between you and us will be fairly formal, with any requirements or deviations from the lease to be in writing. This is to your advantage as we must follow the lease to the letter, and you are always aware that we will be consistent in our dealings with you. You will find that we react to repairs quickly. We hope that this information will better spell out our respective responsibilities and make your home a more enjoyable one.
Contacting Us
1. Address: Please address all rent and other payments or correspondence to our corporate mailing address- 11250 Old St. Augustine Rd. #15-222, Jacksonville, Fl. 32257 . Maintenance request, move-out notices etc. may be emailed, faxed or mailed to our address.

2. Email : We all use email and they all consist of the person’s first name@FloridaRentalGuys.com .

Property Managers are: Shelley@FloridaRentalGuys.com( Jacksonville) and Brian@FloridaRentalGuys.com.(Orlando)
Leasing Manager; Erin@FloridaRentalGuys.com
Maintenance or Repairs : Ed@FloridaRentalGuys.com
Application Status:admin@FloridaRentalGuys.com

3. Telephone: (904) 254-2773 Jacksonville (Corporate Office)
(407)900-1447 Orlando
From time to time we hear that our managers are never in. Even though that is not completely true, it is close. We estimate that our managers are out of the office, checking on repairs, moving tenants in and out, etc. the majority of the day.
When leaving a message for your manager leave a detailed message so that they are prepared to talk to you when they call you back. They can get the answers you need quicker if they have advantage of knowing what you need. Email also works great for this.

4. Fax:(888) 902-1654

Rent Payments
Methods of Payment. We only accept payments by Cashiers Check, Money Order, Personal Check(unless otherwise notified and only on checks preprinted with the tenants name) or thought electronic payment through Clear Now. If mailing rent, please make sure you mail it in time for us to receive it by the due date.

Clear Now: We support automatic rent payment and this is quickly becoming our tenants preferred method of payment. You set it up to pay your rent on the first of each month. Once signed up you will be notified via email before any payments is withdrawn, so you have time to stop it and mail us payment. You won’t have to worry about your rent reaching us on time, or remembering to spend the time writing a check or spending the postage or time to deliver it on time.

Rent Due Dates: Keep in mind that your rent is due on the date stated in your lease. All rents are considered late if not RECEIVED by the DUE date. Postmarks, dates written on the checks, etc. are never considerations. Allow sufficient time for mail service to have the rent to us on or before the due date. Late rents maybe reported to the credit bureau and/or future landlord or mortgage companies.

Paying In Person. For those of you wishing to bring your rent payment. We have a post office box inside the UPS Store at 11250 Old St. Augustine Rd.#15-222. Jacksonville,Fl. 32257 Place your rent payment in a envelope with our name Rental Guys on the envelope and box #222. Store Hours are 9-7 Monday to Friday and until 2 on Sat.

Repairs and Maintenance
Minor Maintenance, All minor repairs are the responsibility of the tenant. Check your lease for details. If the tenant does not perform these minor repairs and maintenance and they turn into major repairs and maintenance, then the tenant will be held responsible for the entire cost of the repair or maintenance.

Repair and Maintenance Request: All repairs/maintenance should be directed to us in writing or email(except for emergencies). You can fill out the electronic Maintenance Request Form on our website or email ed@FloridaRentalGuys.com .Please do not email your manager direct for maintenance. The maintenance staff checks their box frequently thru out the day. For your convenience we will have the repair company contact you direct to set up an appointment time within a reasonable amount of time.

Repair Hours Repair companies operating with set hours usually 9-5 Monday to Friday, however, pre-discussed appointments maybe made after hours and during weekends at the convenience of the repair company and you. Be advised that the Landlord will not authorize the paying of overtime or after hours charges and you will be responsible for paying them. If you have set an appointment for repairs and are a no-show(not there to let them inside your home) you will be billed any charges incurred.

Unauthorized Repairs: Do not attempt any repairs yourself or contract with outside companies, if you want us to pay for the repair. WE WILL NOT REIMBURSE you for any repair bills contracted by you without prior written permission from us. AT NOT TIME ARE YOU AUTHORIZED TO DEDUCT A REPAIR AMOUNT FROM THE MONTHLY RENT.

Water and Yard Care: Please remember that in most of our single family home leases it is your responsibility to water the yard. If you do not you could be held responsible for completely resodding it upon move out.

A/C Filters: It is imperative that you change your A/C filter monthly. This is also a requirement of your lease. We have had some instances in the past where we have had to send our A/C repairmen out to a unit and the tenant has never changed the filter or worse took it out. This is a very expensive repair an the tenant ALWAYS gets the entire amount billed back due to tenant neglect. This can run into $100’s and can also make your electric bill extremely high. Filters only cost a few dollars and are more than offset by your electric bill alone.

Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.