How Much Rent Can I Charge For My Rental?

This is usually one of the first questions investors ask us .  When buying investment property choose wisely when selecting a realtor.  Buy from a realtor who has experience in managing a portfolio of properties.  The realtor with no experience in property management will only be guessing when they answer this question.   If you are an investor or potential property owner, the best way to answer this question is to work with a realtor with property management experience in the city you  are purchasing property in.

Orlando Property Management

I am sure you have heard the expression Location..Location..Location.  When considering a rental property location and whether the area is a good rental market are key.  How easy is it going to be to rent ? Are there HOA rules and regulations that will hinder renting easily?

After the purchase it is too late to find out you made a mistake.  If you don’t speak to a property manager in the area  before   your purchase you may  discover  the $2000 you were expecting for income rental  is not realistic.  This  may lower the return on investment and might have been a factor in your  purchasing decision.  Another situation is when you purchase a home with HOA  restrictions.  You may want to invest in short term rentals  and the HOA requires a 12 month lease.

If you would like a recommendation on a property manager in your city Rental Guys will be happy to recommend a NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) member.



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