Renting Your House

It’s easy to fix up your rental property if you have  unlimited money. However, you need to keep repairs to a minimum to stay profitable.  You also need to keep your property in good shape to attract good tenants. The following are some inexpensive ways to spruce up your properties with very little cash.

1. New Electric Switch Plates. This is such a minor yet overlooked improvement. Most rental owners paint a unit and leave the old ugly switch plates.  Even worst, some even paint over them. New switch plates cost about 50 cents each. You can replace the entire house for about $20.  For the foyer, living room and other main areas, spring for nice brass plates. They cost about $5 and add a lot of class.

2. New or Improved Doors. Another overlooked but inexpensive replacement item is a door. If you have ugly brown doors, replace them with nice white doors(you can paint them, but unless you have a spray gun it will take you three coats by hand).

3. New Door Handles. In addition to changing door, consider changing the hardware. An old door handle (especially with crusted paint on it) looks drab. Replace them with shiny new brass ones. Replace the guest bathroom and bedroom door handles with the fancy”S” handles.

4. Paint/Replace Trim. If the entire interior of the house does not need a paint job, consider painting the trim. New modern custom homes typically come with beige or off-white walls an bright white trim. Use a semi-gloss white on all the trim in your houses.  Pressure washing the outside will brighten the property.  Create a great first impression by adding crown molding in the entry way and living room.

5. New Front Door. You only get one chance to make a first impression. A cheap front door  makes  a house look cheap.  An old front door makes a house look old.  If you have a nice heavy door, paint it a bold color using a high-gloss paint.

6. Tile Front Entry. After  the front door, your next first impression is the foyer.  Most rental property foyers are graced with linoleum foyers. Consider a nice  12” tile.

7. New Shower Curtains. Many owners show property with either no shower curtain or old ugly ones. Don’t be cheap- drop $40 and buy a nice new rod and fancy curtain.

8. Paint Kitchen Cabinets. Replacing kitchen cabinets is expensive, but painting them is cheap. If you have old 1970’s style wood cabinets in a lovely dark brown shade, paint them. Use a semi-gloss white and finish them with nice knobs.  No need to paint  the inside of them.  A fancy modern faucet looks great in the kitchen. Look at the clearance rack  for discontinued models

9. Mailbox. If everyone has the same standard black mailbox  stand out.  Get a nice colorful one.

10. House Numbers. Freshen up the front door with shiny brass numbers.

11. Curb Appeal. Keep the lawn edged, cut and put fresh mulch in the flower beds

12. Eliminate Clutter. Get rid of everything  you don’t use. Store it if necessary.

13. Shampoo Your Carpet. This will help remove all unpleasant odors

14. Fix it. Repair all those leaky faucets , replace those burned out light bulbs and inoperable appliances.

15. Clean It. Tidy up your home by organizing all your cabinets and closets.  Now is the time to clean window blinds  and those ceiling fans.

Remember that a well kept home will rent quicker than a messy one.

Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.