Do I Need A Property Manager?

If you have a residential or commercial property and are planning to rent it you might want to consider a property manager. A first time investor might become overwhelmed with the time required to effectively manage the property. Between writing leases, knowing the  legal steps that are needed to protect yourself and all of the issues in between even a veteran investor can become easily overwhelmed.

Time is Money. Having a rental property doesn’t stop with collecting rent.  In fact, that can be tthe biggest headache. Being taken advantage of is a fairly common scenario when renters are dealing directly with the owner. A property manager can help you collect your rent on time. Helping with maintenance issues that will surface quite frequently and help with the back end of the house rental business- book-keeping, documentation, forms and  portfolio management. Having a property management company frees up your valuable time  especially if you have a 9-5 day job or multiple properties.

Eyes and Ears.  If you live in a different geographic location than your rental property having a property manager is a necessity. A local property manager will have quicker access to resources for emergencies and maintenance situations. Even if you live across town the time it takes to drive across town, check out the problem and then deal with it can be several hours. A good property manager  will do a site inspection during the lease term and  can be your eyes and ears while you are across town, across the country or across the world.

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