Investing In Florida Real Estate

Shop smart and buy right…mistakes are easy to make!

Whether you are buying a investment property or buying a personal residence, you need to make sure you know all the “facts”. Many agents in town will sell you any house that you want but is your agent qualified to find you  the best possible match for your needs?  Tell a local Realtor that you have $100K to spend and they will show you the easiest $100K home they can sell you. Remember,  Realtors don’t get paid until a sale is the sooner the better right? We are different in that we are looking for a long term relationship with you and thus, look for a home that will meet  YOUR needs whether it be a move in ready rental or multi- family with  repairs.

Have you considered what questions you should be asking your agent about investing in Florida real estate? If you are purchasing a rental property is it in  a good school district?   Inventory is getting smaller  and Realtors with no investment background are  showing investors non-desirable homes in high crime areas with high maintenance issues. Better yet, has your agent ever rented out a property?  If the answer is NO, then why are you shopping with this agent?  We all have family and friends who claim to know the real estate market  but before you spend any time or money make sure you  are working with a  true expert.

Creating a  truly successful investment portfolio will require someone with knowledge of the ins out outs of this market.

At Legacy Realty Group | Rental Guys our family was born and raised here and  has been in all facets of the real estate market. We have proven portfolios under management today, from investors who have used our services from purchase to profits.  With an experienced team of professional Realtors  and property managers backing up your purchase, you can rest assured  that our agents will help you find properties  that will perform!



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