Owner FAQ’s

Choosing The Wrong Property Manager Can Cost You Thousands
Allowing a third party to manage your investment property may create some anxiety and questions. Here are some questions that are frequently asked of us by new clients.

Of course, if you have questions that are not addressed below, please feel free to contact us at (904)254-2773.

Q: Who actually markets my property?
A: Depending on the type of property and the area, we will use the most effective marketing tools at our disposal. That may mean the MLS where we offer a commission to the agent who brings a qualified tenant, a third party who require a fee to be paid and submitted to many website including Trulia, Zillow plus many more.

Q: Who pays for the marketing?
There is no cost to the owner for the marketing of the property, We pay for signage,MLS and various internet services.

Q: Who determines how much to ask for the rent?
A: We will recommend an asking price for your property , and use our marketing skills, real estate experience and rental analysis to determine a price. Ultimately though, the rental market itself decides the monthly rent with the interest and offers from prospective tenants.

Q: What is typically involved in preparing a property to be rented?
A; Tenants expect all major systems to be in operating condition , all health and safety issues to be addressed , an the property to be “move-in ready”. This may include painting, carpet cleaning, interior cleaning and minor repairs.

Q: How are tenants selected?
A: We use our “Better Tenant System” which uses a screening process that analyzes credit, income, rental history and we listen to their “story’.

Q:Who pays for the repairs and maintenance during the tenant’s stay?
A: The owner typically pays for all maintenance and repairs. For repairs under $350 we repair these immediately and for repairs over this amount we notify you.

Q:Are Management fees deductible on my tax returns?
A: Check with your tax expert , but generally our fee is tax deductible .

Q: How long does it take to get Rental Guys working on my home?
A:We can usually go from a phone call to a listed home in the same business day once you are ready to go. Our electronic forms make it easy to get set up and a quick phone call with one of our licensed Agents will get the ball rolling. We can usually install a sign the same day and get online ads up and running right away!

Q:What type of rental homes can you handle?
A: We specialize in middle to upper middle income single family rental homes and townhouses.

Q: How do I get information on my rental property?
A:As soon as you sign up with Rental Guys your will be able to log into your personal portal on our website. You will have access to statements and important documents. You will receive copies of all maintenance invoices. If you need to talk with someone we can be contacted via email or phone anytime.

Q:. What if a tenant needs to be evicted?
A: We have a strong record for tenants we have placed-100% no eviction rate! But, if it does happen we have systems in place. We always start with the process with the intent of getting the home back as soon as legally possible.Along the way we will encourage the tenant to cure, if we believe they will learn from their experience and stay current in the future. We handle the 3 Day notice, the legal document preparation and interfacing with the attorney. Once a judgement is secured we schedule the visit to the house to take possession along with the sheriffs deputy who will execute the writ of possession and change the locks on the house. When possible, we work with the tenant rather than evict them , but we are committed to having your tenant on track and staying current or finding you a new tenant who will.


Better Tenant System
We have discovered that better tenants make happy owners. To find and keep these tenants , we have developed and use our “Better Tenant System”. Here are the four principals of this system:

1. Throw a Wide Net– Our real estate expertise allows us to use all marketing channels available, both conventional and cutting edge to attract the greatest number of potential tenants.

2. Consider Credible Credit– It is not uncommon for tenants to have less than perfect credit, and that is permissible. However, there are red flags and it takes an expert to decipher acceptable credit for your next tenant.

3. Find Positive Cash Flow-Some tenants will have easier to verify income than others. We use common sense screening to determine the capacity of a tenant to pay their rent. We have a low eviction rate- only having 1 tenant that we have placed in eviction.

4.Keep To The Contract– Too many owners bend the rule and allow tenants to pay late or not at all. We are paid to enforce the contract and terms the tenants have agreed to, and will do to the very letter of the law. A better management experience starts with a better tenant: depend on us to find that tenant using this system,

Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.