Maintenance Request

We want to make things right.

All Maintenance Requests must be submitted through the tenant portal on our website. . All Maintenance Requests will be reviewed and the appropriate vendor will then contact you to schedule any appropriate repairs.

Please  give us complete details of the problems you are having in order for us to send the right maintenance vendor the first time.

Be sure to give us your name, complete address and day phone number so that  the maintenance vendor  can  call you direct  to schedule a convenient time. The phone number provided must be a number where we can reach you between the hours of 9:00 and 5:00 Monday to Friday. If this number is available part of that time, please indicate the hours you can be reached at each number.

If you have not been contacted by one of our repair companies to set up an appointment within a 24 hours please contact us, as we assume that if no word is forthcoming the request has been handled.Non emergency repairs are usually performed during normal business hour If you make an appointment for weekends and holidays and there is a extra charge you will be responsible for the weekend/holiday evening charge.

Emergency Maintenance:
Please call 911 FIRST and then you can call
Jacksonville Properties: (904)254-2773.
Orlando Properties : (407)900-1447
Please be sure you are using a phone that accepts incoming calls.

  • An emergency is a fire, flood or any
    dangerous or hazardous situation

An emergency is NOT an annoying sound, dripping faucets , a lost house key etc.

Per Your Lease : …”TENANT shall be fully responsible for and agrees to maintain and repair at TENANT’s expense, the following: Filters including refrigerator filter and A/C filters(change every 30 days),A/C drain line clogs, locks /keys, smoke alarm devises , washer /dryer, microwave, interior pest extermination, window locks, glass breakage, running toilets/flappers ,leaking/dripping faucets and lawn and shrubbery. Tenant acknowledges that the OWNER reserves the right to replace the garbage disposal with a straight pipe at any point at OWNERS expense. TENANT acknowledges that the ice-maker, water dispenser , microwave and washer/dryer are “as is”.”

By submitting your repair request you understand the above and acknowledge that if the repair is found to be of Tenant’s responsibility or cause you will be invoiced for part or all of the incurred charges.


Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.