LeaseUP is a professional property management company. That is what we do best. We partner  with area realtors  offering top incentives for property management accounts.


We pay referral fees. When you refer an Owner to LeaseUP we will pay  a generous referral fee. Local brokers have found us a reliable ally in their efforts to service their customers.  Real estate agents have found they can refer us clients and know that when the client is ready to sell you will get the listing back , even if it is years later.  Your sell is protected.

We can manage your rental inventory. Many real estate agents manage rentals  because they feel they must in order to provide full service to their customers. Now you don’t.  We will take over your inventory of rentals, pay you a recurring fee, give your customers exceptional service and you get the property back when the owner is ready to sell.

We buy management accounts. Do you want to ease out of property management? We can purchase your real estate property mananagement portfolio . One time fee or percentage of revenues over a specified term…either way you get compensated. We can make the transition effortless.

We are looking for single family homes, condo’s and townhomes in good to great condition with owners that can meet their financial obligations.  Send us your failed sales and investors.  Do you have a listing about to expire?  You can now offer renting as an option to homeowners.





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