Flat Fee MLS Listing FAQ

If you want to do everything yourself and let us do the marketing and put your home on MLS and other websites our flat fee option might work for you!

Why List on the MLS
Changing The Way Homes are SOLD and RENTED
As a For Sale or Rent By Owner your exposure to potential buyers is limited. Your choice of advertising is usually confined to yard signs, Craigs list, open houses and word of mouth. This is often not enough to attract buyers , most of whom work with agents. Real estate agents consider the MLS as the main source to find homes for buyers and use it to locate properties for their clients.

Having your property listed on MLS will provide needed exposure and will increase the chances that a buyer will find your home.

Are there any addition fees
There are no other listing fees other than the initial fee you pay us. There may be additional fees for optional upgrades for your listing such as listing in another MLS or professional photographs being taken. You will be notified if there are additional cost to a service you request that is not a part of our standard service.

Will the seller’s contact info be a available
On the MLS, yes it will be available for agents so they can contact you directly for showings. On “public” websites, such as Zillow,Trulia, or Realtor.com, only the listing broker contact information is allowed to be displayed. The MLS has rules about what information is allowed on 3rd party websites. We can not do anything about this, and these rules are strictly enforced.

How are inquires handled for my listing
We refer all inquired we receive directed to you, In most cases leads come in through email, but in some cases, we may receive calls. We will forward these emails and calls direct to you to set up the showing.

Keep in mind that all websites operate differently, so not all inquires will come to us. In many cases (like Realtor.com) inquires are sent to agents that pay for buyer leads for certain zip codes, so these leads will not come to us. In other cases you will be receiving the inquires direct. These situations are completely out of our control and there is nothing we can do to prevent this.

Can I cancel my listing
You can cancel the listing at any time by providing us with written instructions to do so ( assuming there is not a contract pending on the property involving a buyer who was procured by a real estate agent). There are no termination fees or other penalties in the event that you wish to cancel your listing before the expiration date. However, there are no refunds.

Do you list Rentals on the MLS
Yes, rental properties are able to be listed on the MLS and we will list it on many rental websites as well. The cost to list is the same.

Do I need to pay any commission
Yes, real estate agents do not work for free, To be listed on the MLS , you must offer a commission to the agent who represents the buyer ( the “cooperating broker”or “selling agent’). If a real estate agent presents an accepted offer and it goes to closing, you must pay the commission offered on the MLS listing. The commission is paid at the close of escrow.

If you sell your home to a buyer that is NOT represented by a broker or agent then you pay NO commission!

Do you provide assistance with offers
Using our Flat Fee MLS listing program, services are limited to listing the property on the MLS. You provide the property information and photos, then complete the listing agreement, and we will setup your MLS listing. Our only responsibility is to maintain your MLS listing.

If you feel that you need assistance, we offer a assistance program for an additional fee . If you are interested in this type of service please inquire directly to us.

Are you a licensed real estate broker
Yes,we are a Florida licensed real estate broker. Licensed under the name of Legacy Realty Group dba Rental Guys. We have partnered with FlatFeeHouses.com our family owned MLS marketing company specializing in For Sale or Rent by Owners.

For More Information Call: (904) 254-2773 or click Flat Fee Houses.com

Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.