If I Am Renting Can I Have A Pet?

When looking at privately owned condo’s and townhomes you will find each owner has his own rules. However, there are several communities where the HOA will not allow renters to have pets. You definitely don’t want to “sneak” your cute little puppy in as you can be evicted and that would not be cool. Most… [Read More]

What Type Of Amenities Can I Expect To Find ?

We do love our amenities! We have found some really cool ones like movie theaters, Bocceball and a lounge with spectacular city views. Some of our favorites are: Clubhouse Access : Always a great place to meet people and throw some fab parties and special events. City Views: Wow says it all. Relax with friends… [Read More]

What is the real reason renters rent?

By Mike Wheatley. The majority of Americans who do not own their own home say they intend to one day and hold strong feelings toward home ownership. But how about those 20 percent of households who are adamant about renting and say they intend to stay renters now and in the future? About 20 percent… [Read More]

Should I Accept Pets In My Rental ?

Many renters have pets. Allowing pets can give landlords a competitive advantage, a higher rental return and higher occupancy if managed properly. However, when pets “go bad” they can cause extensive damage. To preserve the quality of your rental, it’s critical to have a pet policy in place and take the time to qualify each… [Read More]

Is It Time To Raise Rents?

No one wants vacancies! Before raising rents it is time to do a bit of local market research. Checking neighborhoods and communities similar to your property may hold the answer to your question. Your objective is to determine how the rental market is performing in your area. Learn how many units similar to yours have… [Read More]

How Long Can I Expect My Appliances To Last?

Many of the cost on owning rental properties are not the major repairs but minor repairs that come up . These repairs are usually the responsibility of the owner. Appliances inside a rental property usually get a lot of wear and tear. Using guidelines that insurance companies can provide owners can determine the average lifespan… [Read More]

How Do Good Tenants Find You?

If you want to be found by prospective tenants, you can’t necessarily rely on “the way you’ve always done it”. Successful landlords with low vacancy rates understand that if they want to keep their units occupied, they need to understand how tenants search for their next rental. Oftentimes, tenants will choose their prospective neighborhoods first,… [Read More]

Renting your first apartment? We have 6 TIPS for you!

WE HAVE 6 TIPS FOR RENTING YOUR FIRST APARTMENT! Here’s how to succeed, even in today’s challenging rental market. A tight rental market faces many first-time renters today. As buying property loses its allure for some, increased demand and lower rental vacancy are driving up prices throughout the country. According to the Census Bureau, the… [Read More]

What are some energy-saving tips for my rental?

Tenants can save energy and money by making a few small changes, and can negotiate with their landlords for other improvements.   As consumers grow more energy-conscious, and environmental advocates push for greater awareness, there is no shortage of suggestions for new ways to cut energy bills and help the planet in the process. The… [Read More]

Why should I invest in renters insurance?

Have you ever considered how much all of your belongings are worth? If they were damaged or stolen, would you be able to pay to replace them? If not, a renter’s insurance policy could help. For around the cost of 3 Starbucks coffees a month, you could protect your personal property. Renter’s insurance protects your… [Read More]

I Don’t Have Furniture Where Can I Get It?

When searching for apartments you will find most do not come furnished unless you are looking at student housing. There are several affordable options available for you. IKEA has stylish affordable furniture. Located in Orlando and Tampa -a short drive from most Florida cities. You will find everything from bedroom furniture , couches , lamps… [Read More]

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