Should I Accept Pets In My Rental ?

Therapy pets
Many renters have pets. Allowing pets can give landlords a competitive advantage, a higher rental return and higher occupancy if managed properly. However, when pets “go bad” they can cause extensive damage. To preserve the quality of your rental, it’s critical to have a pet policy in place and take the time to qualify each pet. If you currently do not take pets and your property is not rented you might want to reconsider your pet policy.

There are several methods that are popular with landlords when accepting pets. The basic method is a Pet Deposit. Remember a deposit is “refundable” so if there is no damage the renter is entitled to receive the pet deposit returned. Pet Rent is gaining popularity. A set fee is added to the rent each month for “pet rent” . The third method is the one we prefer. We recommend the “Pet Fee”. A fee is just that a fee and not refundable. Pet fees are usually charged per pet and not refundable.

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